World Building – Luctus Regenum

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Welcome back to another World Building post where I walk you through how I created one of my new factions, the Luctus Regenum.

Step 1:  What is the theme of this place?

For the land mass inhabited by the Luctus Rege, I wanted to have medieval theme, something like out of Game of Thrones but with heavy Roman influences.  I chose this theme because this countries history is derived from Dark Ages Europe, which has a lot of Gothic and Religious elements pulling from Rome.

Step 2:  Who lives here?

Since I am designing this world to be used as part of a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, I am using their races to populate my world.  This particularly continent is mostly humanoids, with a bias towards non-humans.  I chose humans, gnomes, half-orcs, half-lings, and half-elfs for my races.

Step 3:  What is the geography like?

Usually this is step two, but I swap them depending on my mood and the kind of world I am working on.  For this continent I came up with the name Occidens, which is Latin for West since this is my western most land mass.  I wanted to give the continent geography similar to that of central Europe, Southern France, Northern Italy, Austria, and Germany.  So there would lots of rolling hills, fertile farmland, grasslands, then with some rivers and large/dense forests.

Step 4:  Details, Details, Details

At this point I have created the outline of my drawing, it’s time to start coloring it in.  I start imagining and creating the government, towns, cities, capitals, landmarks, etc…  I think about in this cause, who are the major players, the Noble Houses, who rules this land, what do they look like, etc…  I keep going and going until my drawing(world) is so detailed that it looks and feels real.  That is the kind of world I want to create for my players, the can go anywhere and talk to almost anyone, and those people and places each have their own stories.

Tip:  Leave some blanks!

The most important part of an interactive story like D&D is the players.  if you world is too detailed, your players can fit themselves into it.  However you leave out some details, make some things vague, it draws your players in and allows them to fill in the missing details making them more connected to the story and the world.


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World Building – Factions of the Operanius Galaxy

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This week on world building, I am sharing descriptions of the two major factions in my science-fiction universe I created.  I will be posting more in the future about this universe, as it is the largest and most detailed one I have created so far.



The Coalition was founded about 2,000 years ago in an effort to unite the races, bring peace and expand across the galaxy. The core of the Coalition is made up the 9 main races, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Teifling, Gnome, Half Elf, Half Orc and Dragonborn. There are a larger variety of races now part of the Coalition. The Coalition government is run by a Council which is made up of representatives from all the races and sub races with the main nine sitting on the High Council.

The Coalition Military is run by Generals/Admirals, each representing the nine main races. The military is divided into two groups, land and naval forces. Land forces comprised of the majority of the Coalition’s strength, with 4 major groups, infantry, armor, mechanized divisions, and special forces. Naval forces are comprised of all ships, transports, supply companies, and galactic marines. Due to the size of the Coalition, they have a massive and powerful military, however they prefer to solve issues with diplomacy before engaging in combat. One of the primary duties of the military is to act as peacekeeping forces in dangerous regions or during negotiations between enemies.


The Greenskin Horde

The Green-skin Horde They are a combination of orcs, goblins, trolls, knolls, and several other chaotic evil races. After millennia of being hunted and ostracized, these evil creatures have banded together in an attempt to increase their territory, wealth, and power. They wear crude steel armor, wield crude melee and range weapons such as axes and spike shooters. They are incapable of making their own ships however due to their low intelligence, but have acquired a large number of ships through raiding and war which they have modified to reflect their crude nature. The Coalition and other independent system have been fighting the Green-skins for the last 5000 years with little progress due to their aggressive nature, constant craving for war, blood, spoils, and that they breed like rabbits. The Coalition has recently begun a campaign against the Green-skins to take back the planet Charadin, which was lost 13 years ago giving the Green-skins a base to launch attacks into the heart of the Coalition.


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World Building – History of the Ether

1350 AD, the height of the Black Plague, the world is gripped by fear and disease, humanity fears extinction, but then the Cataclysm struck. A massive crystalline asteroid from space strikes the Earth in Eastern Europe. This event can be traced to the introduction of magic into Earth.

The magic infused crystalline asteroid destroyed much of the Earth, sending large portions of the crust into the sky, and they stayed there. The magic holds these large land masses floating in the sky about 10-15,000 ft above the old surface. The introduction of magic altered evolution, leading to the creation of numerous new species of humanoids, animals, planets and monsters. Humans name this new floating realm, The Ether and refer to the ground as Terra, adopting the Ether as their new permanent home, and started a new calendar, the year 1 AC (After Cataclysm).

The people who survived the Cataclysm begin to rebuild their lives and civilizations in the Ether. The majority of people live on 5 major land masses. Each mass evolved and progressed differently, its inhabitants all believing they were the only survivors of the Cataclysm. As the years progress, Magic emerged as the most prominent field of research as people seek to understand its properties, this led to the rise of Mages.

In the 7th century AC, mages and engineers have discovered a way to adapt old Terra ships to the Ether Realm allowing them to fly across through the skies, the birth of Airships. Powered by a combination of early machines, magic, balloons and Spatium Crystals from the asteroid, people began to explore the Ether and travel between islands. In 731 AC, the Guild was founded on the center most island, home to the largest city, Artis. Artis and the Guild operate as an independent, neutral faction that are the hub of science, trade, communication, magic, art and society leading to a Renaissance.

785 AC, on the western land mass, Occidens, the Luctus Regenum was founded. Made up of humans and other humanoid species, the Luctus Rege, lead by the Mourning King, and his 4 loyal noble houses, begin conquering Occidens. After 15 years of war, Occidens has been unified under the Luctus Rege and the Mourning Throne. Now they turn their gaze toward the northern land mass, Flaugunvollr, inhabited by many clans of gruff, viking-like peoples. In the Spring of 801 AC, the Luctus Rege begins their campaign to tame the North. The mountainous terrain, cold weather, and nomadic nature of the clans cause slow progress, dubbed the Aeris War.

During the 6 years of the Aeris War, the city states of the southern land mass, Meridionalis, have condemned the actions of the Luctus Rege, asking the Guild and the clans of the Orientem land mass to help them intervene in the war. Being neutral, the Guild refuses to intervene, the clans of the Orientem ignore the cries of the north and south. Frustrated by the lack of progress in the North and angered by the cries of the south, the Mourning King launches a new campaign on the city states of Meridionalis. In 807 AC, the Luctus Rege begins sieging the lands of the western most city state, Calidi. After 2 years, Calidi surrenders its city and territory.

In 810 AC, the Luctus Rege has marched further east into Meridionalis, and begun sieging the fortress city of Clypeus. Worried the Luctus Rege will never stop, the Guild secretly gathers the strongest of the Ether Realm and forms the Æther Knights. With the secret support of the Guild and an alliance with the Knights of Aquila, the Knights begin fighting back the Luctus Rege. After 3 years of defeat and humiliation, the Mourning King reluctantly agrees to sign the Ether Treaty. In the Treaty, the Luctus Rege get to keep the lands they have conquered, but must reduce their Army to a smaller defensive force, and not engage in further expansion or warfare. Meanwhile the Æther Knights return to their hidden fortress and continue to keep the peace in the realm.

The year is 817 AC, when destiny brings several travelers together, your adventure begins here…

This is a sample of some of the world building I have done for a new world I started working on.  Check back for more, see ya on the other side travelers!!

World Building – The Big Bang

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Welcome to a new segment on World Building!! This is probably one of my favorite things to spend time on, and between my goal of making video games and actively playing and DMing dungeons & dragons has really fueled interest in world building.  Firstly today I just wanted to talk about the concept in general and really dive into it and some of my work in future posts.


What is World Building?

“The process of of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with an entire fictitious universe.”


World Building and Me

At this point I’m not sure what to really talk about without getting into my process and discussing some of my work.  But for me, world building is an escape.  Growing up I always liked to retreat into books, movies, tv and my head, build interesting worlds that I want to be apart of.  Gaming and D&D give me the chance to play in these worlds.  I recently started DMing for the first time in a science fiction universe of my creation, the Operanius Galaxy.  I won’t talk about that now cause I need more content to post, but I will leave you all with a map I’ve been working on for my next fantasy campaign I’m calling the Ether.

The Ether


Check back soon travelers for more world building and discussion on my Operanius Galaxy & Ether World.