DEV-Talk 2.0 – Micro-Transactions

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Welcome to the first of a 3 part series on Micro-Transactions, Loot-Boxes, and DLC!!


Today we are talking about micro-transactions, the scum of gaming today.  To understand the concept, we must go back to their beginning.  When smart-phones really took off with the launch of the iPhone back in 2007, there was suddenly a new mark of games and applications we refer to as “Apps”.  Many of these apps were free, but how do you make money on something that is free?  Add extras…  the most common example of this that many games using, is in-game currency, you can pay money for more credits, or boosts and other bonuses.

The problem with this kind of micro-transaction is that it alters gameplay, it gives paid players an unfair advantage over non-paid players.  This purposeful imbalance / game design makes players want to spend money or quit.  The other issue with this is that children don’t understand the concept of money let alone micro-transactions, so without some sort of block or restriction, these companies are making millions off of children buying these items with their parents credit cards.

Some of the better, acceptable types of micro-transactions are those that don’t affect gameplay.  The best example of this is League of Legends.  With their in-game currency, you can only purchase cosmetic items, nothing that remotely affects or changes gameplay.  This allows games to be decided on players and their skill rather than whose wallet is bigger.


This is a brief post on Micro-Transactions, something many of us could talk about till we are blue in the face.  Fly by soon for DEV-Talk 2.3 – Loot-Boxes!!

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