About Us

Greetings Earthlings!


My name is LordMarksman, but you may call me James.  I started Black-Hole in 2017 for the purpose of making my goals and dreams a reality and uniting my content under a single brand.  I have experimented with YouTube, Twitch, blogging and more in the past to some avail.  After years of re-evaluating my life and goals, Black-Hole Interactive was born.


What can you expect to find here in this dark and lonely part of cyber-space?

As a collective of nerds, geeks, gamers, artists, and other pop culture enthusiasts, we want to bring you fun, interesting and unique content.  You can expect to see some original artwork, read original stories, maybe even hear some music too.  We will talk a lot about tabletop games, particularly Dungeons and Dragons.  We will also regularly visit digital games played on the master-race, PC.  With more to come in the future as we grow and interests change.


What are your goals?

Well funny you should ask that, I was just getting to that.  My goal is to open my own game development studio, you guessed it Black-Hole Interactive.  To bring gamers, and myself content we have always wanted to play, but no one has bothered to make.  I hope to take you all with me on my journey to my first game, and in the coming years I hope to learn much from my peers in the industry.


Check back for more updates later! And follow us as we march one step closer to galactic domination!!