E3 2018 Round-Up

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It’s our favorite time of year, E3!!!  For those who don’t know, E3 is the largest video game conference in the world, were each year the major developers get together to show off their future releases.  In this post I will highlight the major titles announced this year with my thoughts in 3 sentences or less.  Keep checking back as I will update this daily until the end of E3!

Update:  So I watched the  rest of E3 and there wasn’t to much of note besides the new Smash Bros.  So for now I will leave this post as is with more content coming soon and some in depth analysis of several of the games I’m particularly interested once they ahve some more gameplay.

Strange Brigade – Do you like Payday and the Mummy?  If so you will enjoy this fun, goofy, coop shooter were you play as a group of explorers fighting through evil magic to get the treasure.

Sports Game 2019 – Like playing the same sports games every year with little to no changes?  Great!!  This is the obligatory annual release of FIFA, NBA, Madden, and more…

Battlefield V – The latest in the Battlefield franchise, with little promise.  Battlefield 1 was a great game, but it failed to impress and hold my attention.  This new installment to the series shows little improvement.

Command & Conquer Rivals – Where do all games go to die?  Mobile Devices!!!!  EA reboots the classic RTS franchise, butchered it and sent it to mobile.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order – The latest Star Wars game coming from EA’s Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Titanfall.  I have high hopes and expectations for this upcoming single-player game, and I’m sure Respawn will give us a quality game unlike EA.

Anthem – Ever wanted to play an EA version of Destiny?  Anthem is shrouded in mystery and show little promise coming from EA and looking like a Destiny clone.

Days Gone – The upcoming zombie survival for PS4 looks interesting, but is not a new concept.  I want to see some more comprehensive gameplay before rendering a verdict.

Hitman 2 – The latest Hitman game shows much promise and looks like it will continue where the last Hitman game left off.  I have no qualms with this series and this is a great time to start playing the franchise.

Fear the Wolves – Really another battle royale game in a post-apocalyptic Russia.  I will be staying far away from this game as it shows nothing we haven’t already seen.

Generation Zero – What the hell did I just watch?  Swedes fighting robots in the 80s?  So many questions with no answers…

The Walking Dead – This game looks very interesting, almost like Left for Dead, but made by the developers behind Payday.  Want to see more, but very interested in the game.

Code Vein – An anime, vampire dark souls game.  Watching gameplay looks exactly like Dark Souls with some small differences, definitely be purchasing this game.

Phantom Doctrine – A cold war era strategy game in the spirit of XCOM.  This turn-based tactical RTS looks to be a very interesting and fun game I will be purchasing.

Total War 3 Kingdoms – The latest game in the historical RTS franchise from Creative Assembly.  I have been a big fan of this series since Empire, but the series has really flat-lined and grown stale since Rome 2.

Halo Infinite – Microsoft has made the right decision, Halo is coming to PC!!!!  Otherwise nothing significant was announced or shown about this game.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – The latest in the demon souls line from From Software.  The trailer shows in a kind of Feudal Japan, with new elements to Dark Souls like a grappling hook and more free roam.  I will definitely be investing in this game.

Crackdown 3 – The latest game in the Crackdown series and long over due.  Another exciting development is that this will also be coming to PC.  Gameplay looks just like Crackdown 2 which should mean this will be a great game.

Metro Exodus – The latest in the Metro series, which looks like I will be bringing more of the same.  Looking forward to seeing more gameplay, but so far I am not interested.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts since the first game, and I look forward to returning to the series with this fun and beautiful looking game.

The Division 2 – Probably the worst MMO I have played returns with the much not needed sequel.  I had high hopes for the original, but low expectations for the second.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The latest edition in the exciting Tomb Raider series.  Having played and enjoyed the last two games, I am looking forward to seeing what new content Shadow will bring to the Tomb Raider series.

Dying Light 2 – Another zombie survival game.  I thought the first one was bland and repetitive, and I hope this game will breath some life into the title.

Just Cause 4 – Another Just Cause game, no surprise there after the success of the 3rd game.  But, the series needs some spice, something to mix up series before it becomes too repetitive.

Gears of War 5 – WHY????  The series rapped up so nicely and the multiplayer was excellent in Gears 3.  Please end things before Gears turns into a Call of Duty.

Rage 2 – The original Rage was an interesting and exciting game, and the sequel is long overdue.  I look forward to seeing more detailed gameplay and acquiring this game.

DOOM Eternal – No one was surprised to see another Doom, but the series sure as hell is fun.  Looking forward to seeing some gameplay in the near future.

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – Why are they still developing this game and who is still playing it??  We all wished for an Elder Scrolls MMO and we got this garbage.

Skyrim: Very Special Edition – STOP………RE…..RELEASING…………MORE………..SKYRIM!!!!

Fallout 76 – The newest segment of Fallout bringing into the MMO verse.  Fallout 4 wasn’t completely terrible but, ESO was horrible and I hope that 76 doesn’t follow ESO down its dark path of misery.

Starfield – Looks and sounds like Fallout in space which I can’t complain about.  Really excited to see gameplay and you might have guessed at BH Interactive we really love space.

Elder Scrolls 6 – About fucking time.

Skull and Bones – Liked sailing a pirate ship in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag?  Wanted to play a whole game on a pirate ship?  Now you can in this exciting new game from Ubisoft.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – A new and very interesting concept from Ubisoft.  This space dog-fighting game looks like a combination of No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous.  Definitely a series I will keep my eye on and would like to acquire if it turns out well.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – I thoroughly enjoyed Origins, and liked the RPG direction that Ubisoft is taking the series.  I’m a little disappointed they returned with a new game so quickly, but am not disappointed by the chosen setting.  I look at Odyssey as an expansion to Origins.

Satisfactory – Minecraft meets Space Engineers meets Factorio.  What an interesting and exciting looking game.  Alpha sign-up are available and I look forward to bringing you content soon!!

Mavericks: Proving Grounds – PLEASE STOP WITH THE BATTLE ROYALE GAMES!!!!!!!

Star Citizen – It’s like waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 to come out, except we can play a small portion of the sci-fi space MMO.

Anno 1800 – I really enjoyed Anno 2070, but not 2205.  I hope 1800 returns to what really made Anno the successful city builder/RTS it was in 2070.  I have high hopes for this game and definitely want to play it.

Last of Us Part 2 – The exciting sequel to one of the most popular story-driven zombie survival games ever made.  I really look forward to playing this game and the original when I acquire a PS4 this fall.

Ghost of Tsushima – Ever since Total War Shogun 2 I have had a deep love for Feudal Japan.  This game looks to be extremely, fun and deep with brutal and dynamic combat.  Another PS4 exclusive I plan to acquire.

Death Stranding – We all eagerly wait to really figure out what this game is.  But coming from Kojima, I have no doubt it is going to be an amazing single-player experience.

Nioh 2 – A Dark Souls-esque game based on Feudal Japan.  the first game was a lot of fun, and extremely difficult, I’m sure the second game will love up to the standards set by the first.

Spider-Man – Another exciting exclusive coming to the PS4.  I really hope this game turns out great but, so far I am worried as all the action looks like quick time events.  Hopefully we will get a better grasp of the game before release.

Keep checking back for more E3 updates and related content all week!!  And I look forward to bringing gameplay from many of these titles as they release.


Solo: A Star Wars Story – Thoughts and Review

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….


Welcome back Travelers!!  Star Wars is back in it latest film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Since doing my initial thoughts on Avengers Infinity War, I’ve decided to do these movie review posts differently.  So each post will start off with my thoughts on the movie, then I will dive into my review (with plenty of spoiler warnings).  So let’s dive right into my thoughts on Solo!



Solo is the second of the Star Wars Anthology films, coming out two years after Rogue One.  the Anthology films seek to fill in missing gaps in the ever-growing Star Wars story and universe.  While Rogue One takes place immediately before the events of Episode 4, Solo takes place in the years following Episode 3.  The film gives us background on the early years of Han Solo, how he and Chewbacca, his Wookie companion met, how he acquired the Millennium Falcon, and other small details of this scoundrels past.  The film had a different tone than most of the other movie, but overall was very enjoyable to watch.  It featured good action, with several interesting and fun characters.  The writing was great, but at some points felt a bit simple and cheesy.  However this doesn’t make it any less enjoyable and gives the audience a great look into the past of one of the Star Wars franchise’s favorite characters.


Review – Spoiler Alert!!

To my disappointment, Solo was the first Star Wars movie not to open in space.  However the audience jumped right into the action as Han was trying to escape from Corellia with his girlfriend, Qi’ra.  The writing her is probably the cheesiest out of the entire film, but we can see Han at his finest trying to put a half-cocked plan into action and talk his way out of a dangerous situation with gangsters he owes money too.  Classic Han…  But while trying to escape, Han gets out but, Qi’ra is captured and he is forced to leave her behind and join the Imperial Navy.

We flash forward a couple years to find that Han has not become a pilot, but actually a trooper in the Imperial Army.  This was a great scene as it gave the audience a look at what the actual Imperial Army looks like in action. 152296380005_-_Solo_Star_Wars_Mud_Trooper

Many people believe that stormtroopers are the entirety of the Imperial ground forces, but they are actually the elite troopers.  So this was a great and much needed look into the Imperial War Machine.  This were Han first meets Chewbacca and saves him from his Imperial prison, and run off with some thieves return Han to his life of crime.  As the story continues following these group of criminals, Han is introduced to several characters we get to know briefly before they are subsequently killed off.  In typical Han fashion he fails to complete his mission and makes ridiculous promises to get the money back.  They now team up with the criminal group Crimson Dawn, and Qi’ra who is discovered to be working for them now.  In order to complete the infamous Kessel Run that Han is know for, they seek out another criminal, and thus we are introduced to Lando Calrissian and his obnoxious droid partner, L-3.  During their mission to complete the Kessel Run, we learn a bit more about how Qi’ra escaped from Corellia, and we watch the ridiculous droid rebellion started by L-3, and witness her death.  Watching Han, Chewie and the Falcon make the Kessel Run was pretty delightful especially seeing Han and Chewie both piloting the Falcon for the first time.

The arrive at other random desert planet to hand over their loot to Crimson Dawn.  In an expected turn of events, Beckett betrays Qi’ra, Han and Enfys Nest to Crimson Dawn and their leader Dryden Vos.  Only to have Han turn the tables on Dryden Vos and with the help of Qi’ra their plan succeeds.  We see Han as the reluctant good guy as he hands over the loot to Enfys Nest who is helping establish the beginning of the Rebellion which Han refuses to join.  And Han always fires first, which he shows as he kills Beckett.  Unfortunately for Han, Qi’ra returns to Crimson Dawn and reveals to us that the actual leader is non other than our favorite Sith, DARTH MAUL!!  For those that don’t know, lightsaber are so hot that they immediately cauterize wounds, meaning Maul survived behind cut in half.  He returned to Dathomir, his home world and recovered with the help of his robotic legs, and nursed a deep vengeance for Obi Wan.  So this scene sets the stage for the next Anthology film about Obi Wan, which we can assume will follow the events of Solo.


Conclusion and Rating

Overall, despite the poor reviews, I enjoyed the film, but it certainly is not my favorite Star Wars film by any stretch.  It was enjoyable with a good, and slightly predictable story with great characters and tons of small details that Star Wars fans will enjoy, including things like: Lando’s Hutt Guard Armor, Mandolorian Armor that may be Boba Fett’s, Han’s dice, Darth Maul, and so much more!!  Having a rough go in to box off, I still recommend seeing the film and give it a 7.5/10.


Check back Travelers for my updated Avengers Review and Deadpool 2 Review!!

Starting a YouTube Channel

Press pause for a second Travelers!


You might be wondering why I didn’t post yesterday and to spare you from future wonder about why there will be a decrease in posts over the next two weeks is because its Finals Time!!!  Also during this time I am working on getting our YouTube channel up and running!  The channel is going to feature some vlogs, gameplay, and review videos, but I have a question for you:


What kind of content would you like to see?

DEV-Talk 2.6 – DLC

Welcome back Travelers, to continue reading this post please pay $4.99!


Just kidding, this post is actually completely free!!  But, don’t you hate it when your favorite game releases new content that you need in order to keep playing the game normally, and the developer charges you for it?? cough EA cough cough….  The best example of this is seen in Battlefield DLC, that without purchasing DLC, your gameplay experience becomes severely restricted as game modes and server playlists all require DLC to play.

This unfortunately has further evolved into developers creating DLC roadmaps before even developing the game.  Where the plan their game around DLC, often taking the base game, cutting it down, selling 60% with the other 40% available as DLC.  This is not acceptable.  I recognize that this is probably the best business practice in terms of making money, which is the goal of any business.  But, you also want to provide your customers with a product that they want to buy, otherwise you will lose all your sales.  And this is the problem gamers face with the industry, that we would rather overpay or purchase unnecessary DLC for games because we want the game, rather than forgo purchasing it in order to send a message to the developer.

Luckily, with the big EA Battlefront debacle last year, developers are finally starting to take notice and listen more to players complaints and suggestions.  And with the gaming industry growing exponentially every year and there is more competition in the market, developers are now have to earn our dollars, rather than take them from us cause their is no other alternative for us to play.

After that nice tangent, lets look at probably the best example of DLC, Witcher 3.  What an amazing game, with so much content, depth, time and effort put into the game.  After 100 hours of slogging through the main game, CD Projekt Red gifted us with 2 massive expansions adding dozens of more hours of content.

We have seen the good and the bad all over the gaming industry, but as consumers, you need to remember this important piece of information.

Developers are running a business.  A business’ goal is to make money.  If you aren’t making money you can’t afford to stay in business.

So next time as a consumer, when you get upset at EA for gouging your wallet with their micro-transactions and DLC costs, take a brief second amid your divine hatred, and remember they are a business with obligations to their shareholders.  Then you may resume hating them, because despite having those obligations, good business have similar obligations to their consumers to deliver quality and satisfactory products/experiences.


Who are some developers you think really care about their players?  What are some that couldn’t care less?

Check next week for a new DLC for DEV-Talk 3.0!!  Don’t forget your towels travelers!!

Avengers Infinity War Initial Thoughts

Suit Up Travelers, it’s time for Marvel!!!


I think what best describes this movie is the best celebrity surprise party you could have ever imagined……..but better.  Having just seen the film, it is nothing short of the best superhero film I have ever seen.  I have enjoyed the Marvel films and have seen them all, the only one I think comes close to this is Logan.

I haven’t done many movie reviews before so as such, I don’t really know what to write, plus I would hate to spoil it for anyone.  Therefore in this posts I will just give my initial thoughts and after a couple weeks I will do an official movie review delving into plot, events, etc…  So I will say a couple things, pretty solid visual effects, and the film was definitely heavy on them.  Great writing as with all the movies so far and this film had pretty fantastic music as well.  One small detail though, is that you will probably not have a good understanding of what is happening without having seen the 18 films leading up to this.  I know that is a lot of movies, but believe me they are fun and enjoyable to watch, making Infinity War all the more special as nothing of this magnitude has ever been attempted before.


Check back soon for more updates, meanwhile keep the galaxy safe traveler!