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Just kidding, this post is actually completely free!!  But, don’t you hate it when your favorite game releases new content that you need in order to keep playing the game normally, and the developer charges you for it?? cough EA cough cough….  The best example of this is seen in Battlefield DLC, that without purchasing DLC, your gameplay experience becomes severely restricted as game modes and server playlists all require DLC to play.

This unfortunately has further evolved into developers creating DLC roadmaps before even developing the game.  Where the plan their game around DLC, often taking the base game, cutting it down, selling 60% with the other 40% available as DLC.  This is not acceptable.  I recognize that this is probably the best business practice in terms of making money, which is the goal of any business.  But, you also want to provide your customers with a product that they want to buy, otherwise you will lose all your sales.  And this is the problem gamers face with the industry, that we would rather overpay or purchase unnecessary DLC for games because we want the game, rather than forgo purchasing it in order to send a message to the developer.

Luckily, with the big EA Battlefront debacle last year, developers are finally starting to take notice and listen more to players complaints and suggestions.  And with the gaming industry growing exponentially every year and there is more competition in the market, developers are now have to earn our dollars, rather than take them from us cause their is no other alternative for us to play.

After that nice tangent, lets look at probably the best example of DLC, Witcher 3.  What an amazing game, with so much content, depth, time and effort put into the game.  After 100 hours of slogging through the main game, CD Projekt Red gifted us with 2 massive expansions adding dozens of more hours of content.

We have seen the good and the bad all over the gaming industry, but as consumers, you need to remember this important piece of information.

Developers are running a business.  A business’ goal is to make money.  If you aren’t making money you can’t afford to stay in business.

So next time as a consumer, when you get upset at EA for gouging your wallet with their micro-transactions and DLC costs, take a brief second amid your divine hatred, and remember they are a business with obligations to their shareholders.  Then you may resume hating them, because despite having those obligations, good business have similar obligations to their consumers to deliver quality and satisfactory products/experiences.


Who are some developers you think really care about their players?  What are some that couldn’t care less?

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May the Fourth Be With You!!

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Welcome Back Travelers and Happy Star Wars Day!!

Being a tech/pop culture/gaming blog, Star Wars is obviously very near and dear to us.  I mean we have a sci-fi/space theme!!  So being such a fun day, I thought we would talk some Star Wars today.  Couple topics we are going to hit on, first is the upcoming Solo movie, second the state of Star Wars video games and its future.  So lets dive right in!!


Solo: A Star Wars Story

This is the 4 film Disney has brought for us and the second of the Star Wars Anthology films.  The last Anthology film being Rogue One, which I have to say was probably one of my Top 3, if not favorite film of the franchise.  What really did it for me was the binding together of the old and new, and even tying in some links to the current trilogy.  So I have high hopes going into Solo, I think it is going to be very entertaining, and very factual filling us in on a lot of untouched background for many characters.  I’m really hoping to see some of Greedo and Boba Fett, both who seem to have a colorful history with Han Solo.  After watching the trailers, so far I’m getting kind of an Ocean’s 11 vibe from the film, that they are going to put together this kick-ass crew to pull off a once in a lifetime heist.  I could talk Star Wars and Solo all day, but we will save the rest of our talk for a post-movie review!! SO check back at the end of the month for that.


Battlefront: How Star Wars Gaming is Losing

As an avid gamer and fan of Star Wars, I was obviously excited for more Star Wars games to be in the works, and at the time I was okay with EA running the show.  Boy, I bet Disney sure regrets giving the rights to EA now.  First Star Wars games I ever played were Shadow of the Empire and Rogue Squadron, and I was hooked.  Star Wars games continued to get better, and then peaked with the release of Battlefront and Battlefront 2.  But after that, LucasArts went silent much to fans disappointment.  Now EA has taken the mantle, and they have turned a beloved franchise into the deformed monster we lock in the basement.  While they did a great job with certain elements, namely audio and visuals, they pretty much ruined everything else.  No I don’t want to turn this into a rant, as we all know the sorry state of Star Wars gaming, but what does the future promise?  Potentially something very exciting as we have talk and small glimpses of an upcoming SINGLEPLAYER RPG.  Developers seem to be under the impression that players don’t enjoy these kind of games, my response is who the fuck are you talking to????  I believe and I think the evidence shows with games like Skyrim, Witcher, God of War, Last of Us, and so many more that players love a deep, rich, story-driven open world rpg game.  Sure lots of people like multiplayer games and your basic shooter, but with that comes the 12 year olds, the salt, the toxicity, bm, lag, server issues and so much more.  And I think EA has made the right decision by having one of their far more qualified subsidiary developers make the game.  But at the end of the day it is still EA and anything is possible.  Hopefully, if EA shits the bed again, Disney will do us all a favor and take Star Wars away from them and put them in timeout.


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May the Force be with You Travelers!