Solo: A Star Wars Story – Thoughts and Review

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….


Welcome back Travelers!!  Star Wars is back in it latest film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Since doing my initial thoughts on Avengers Infinity War, I’ve decided to do these movie review posts differently.  So each post will start off with my thoughts on the movie, then I will dive into my review (with plenty of spoiler warnings).  So let’s dive right into my thoughts on Solo!



Solo is the second of the Star Wars Anthology films, coming out two years after Rogue One.  the Anthology films seek to fill in missing gaps in the ever-growing Star Wars story and universe.  While Rogue One takes place immediately before the events of Episode 4, Solo takes place in the years following Episode 3.  The film gives us background on the early years of Han Solo, how he and Chewbacca, his Wookie companion met, how he acquired the Millennium Falcon, and other small details of this scoundrels past.  The film had a different tone than most of the other movie, but overall was very enjoyable to watch.  It featured good action, with several interesting and fun characters.  The writing was great, but at some points felt a bit simple and cheesy.  However this doesn’t make it any less enjoyable and gives the audience a great look into the past of one of the Star Wars franchise’s favorite characters.


Review – Spoiler Alert!!

To my disappointment, Solo was the first Star Wars movie not to open in space.  However the audience jumped right into the action as Han was trying to escape from Corellia with his girlfriend, Qi’ra.  The writing her is probably the cheesiest out of the entire film, but we can see Han at his finest trying to put a half-cocked plan into action and talk his way out of a dangerous situation with gangsters he owes money too.  Classic Han…  But while trying to escape, Han gets out but, Qi’ra is captured and he is forced to leave her behind and join the Imperial Navy.

We flash forward a couple years to find that Han has not become a pilot, but actually a trooper in the Imperial Army.  This was a great scene as it gave the audience a look at what the actual Imperial Army looks like in action. 152296380005_-_Solo_Star_Wars_Mud_Trooper

Many people believe that stormtroopers are the entirety of the Imperial ground forces, but they are actually the elite troopers.  So this was a great and much needed look into the Imperial War Machine.  This were Han first meets Chewbacca and saves him from his Imperial prison, and run off with some thieves return Han to his life of crime.  As the story continues following these group of criminals, Han is introduced to several characters we get to know briefly before they are subsequently killed off.  In typical Han fashion he fails to complete his mission and makes ridiculous promises to get the money back.  They now team up with the criminal group Crimson Dawn, and Qi’ra who is discovered to be working for them now.  In order to complete the infamous Kessel Run that Han is know for, they seek out another criminal, and thus we are introduced to Lando Calrissian and his obnoxious droid partner, L-3.  During their mission to complete the Kessel Run, we learn a bit more about how Qi’ra escaped from Corellia, and we watch the ridiculous droid rebellion started by L-3, and witness her death.  Watching Han, Chewie and the Falcon make the Kessel Run was pretty delightful especially seeing Han and Chewie both piloting the Falcon for the first time.

The arrive at other random desert planet to hand over their loot to Crimson Dawn.  In an expected turn of events, Beckett betrays Qi’ra, Han and Enfys Nest to Crimson Dawn and their leader Dryden Vos.  Only to have Han turn the tables on Dryden Vos and with the help of Qi’ra their plan succeeds.  We see Han as the reluctant good guy as he hands over the loot to Enfys Nest who is helping establish the beginning of the Rebellion which Han refuses to join.  And Han always fires first, which he shows as he kills Beckett.  Unfortunately for Han, Qi’ra returns to Crimson Dawn and reveals to us that the actual leader is non other than our favorite Sith, DARTH MAUL!!  For those that don’t know, lightsaber are so hot that they immediately cauterize wounds, meaning Maul survived behind cut in half.  He returned to Dathomir, his home world and recovered with the help of his robotic legs, and nursed a deep vengeance for Obi Wan.  So this scene sets the stage for the next Anthology film about Obi Wan, which we can assume will follow the events of Solo.


Conclusion and Rating

Overall, despite the poor reviews, I enjoyed the film, but it certainly is not my favorite Star Wars film by any stretch.  It was enjoyable with a good, and slightly predictable story with great characters and tons of small details that Star Wars fans will enjoy, including things like: Lando’s Hutt Guard Armor, Mandolorian Armor that may be Boba Fett’s, Han’s dice, Darth Maul, and so much more!!  Having a rough go in to box off, I still recommend seeing the film and give it a 7.5/10.


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Avengers Infinity War Initial Thoughts

Suit Up Travelers, it’s time for Marvel!!!


I think what best describes this movie is the best celebrity surprise party you could have ever imagined……..but better.  Having just seen the film, it is nothing short of the best superhero film I have ever seen.  I have enjoyed the Marvel films and have seen them all, the only one I think comes close to this is Logan.

I haven’t done many movie reviews before so as such, I don’t really know what to write, plus I would hate to spoil it for anyone.  Therefore in this posts I will just give my initial thoughts and after a couple weeks I will do an official movie review delving into plot, events, etc…  So I will say a couple things, pretty solid visual effects, and the film was definitely heavy on them.  Great writing as with all the movies so far and this film had pretty fantastic music as well.  One small detail though, is that you will probably not have a good understanding of what is happening without having seen the 18 films leading up to this.  I know that is a lot of movies, but believe me they are fun and enjoyable to watch, making Infinity War all the more special as nothing of this magnitude has ever been attempted before.


Check back soon for more updates, meanwhile keep the galaxy safe traveler!