Avengers Infinity War Initial Thoughts

Suit Up Travelers, it’s time for Marvel!!!


I think what best describes this movie is the best celebrity surprise party you could have ever imagined……..but better.  Having just seen the film, it is nothing short of the best superhero film I have ever seen.  I have enjoyed the Marvel films and have seen them all, the only one I think comes close to this is Logan.

I haven’t done many movie reviews before so as such, I don’t really know what to write, plus I would hate to spoil it for anyone.  Therefore in this posts I will just give my initial thoughts and after a couple weeks I will do an official movie review delving into plot, events, etc…  So I will say a couple things, pretty solid visual effects, and the film was definitely heavy on them.  Great writing as with all the movies so far and this film had pretty fantastic music as well.  One small detail though, is that you will probably not have a good understanding of what is happening without having seen the 18 films leading up to this.  I know that is a lot of movies, but believe me they are fun and enjoyable to watch, making Infinity War all the more special as nothing of this magnitude has ever been attempted before.


Check back soon for more updates, meanwhile keep the galaxy safe traveler!


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