World Building – The Big Bang

Greetings Travelers!!


Welcome to a new segment on World Building!! This is probably one of my favorite things to spend time on, and between my goal of making video games and actively playing and DMing dungeons & dragons has really fueled interest in world building.  Firstly today I just wanted to talk about the concept in general and really dive into it and some of my work in future posts.


What is World Building?

“The process of of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with an entire fictitious universe.”


World Building and Me

At this point I’m not sure what to really talk about without getting into my process and discussing some of my work.  But for me, world building is an escape.  Growing up I always liked to retreat into books, movies, tv and my head, build interesting worlds that I want to be apart of.  Gaming and D&D give me the chance to play in these worlds.  I recently started DMing for the first time in a science fiction universe of my creation, the Operanius Galaxy.  I won’t talk about that now cause I need more content to post, but I will leave you all with a map I’ve been working on for my next fantasy campaign I’m calling the Ether.

The Ether


Check back soon travelers for more world building and discussion on my Operanius Galaxy & Ether World.


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