The Bookshelf

I love reading.


I have been an avid reader as long as I can remember.  I like the adventure books can take you on.  Visit faraway places, meeting interesting and unique characters, and go on an adventure.  The best books are of course the ones that really plunge the reader into the story.  Below is a list of books I am currently reading and ones that I have finished (in the last year, list would be too long other wise) that I would recommend to others, comment with some of your favorite books and what is currently on your bookshelf!!

The Bookshelf

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  • Iron Gold (Reading)
  • Red Rising
  • Golden Son
  • Mourning Star
  • Ready Player One
  • Star Wars: Thrawn
  • Artemis
  • Mistborn


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  • Old Man’s War
  • The Ghost Brigades
  • Zoe’s Tale
  • The Human Division
  • The Last Colony
  • The End of All Things
  • Altered Carbon (Reading Next)
  • Annihilation (Reading Next)



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