Monthly Update


Welcome Back Travelers,

For June’s Monthly Update!!  Lots of thing are going on so this will be a pretty detailed update.  First, I want to address a few housekeeping issues.  I know the Monthly Updates are kind of weird, namely the fact that all the updates are in the same post.  The reasoning behind this is that since the site is still being regularly updated and I am working to build a follower base, I want to leave previous updates more accessible for new and returning viewers.  Second, this month I have to major changes planned for the site.  One, that we will be migrating to a new hosting platform and I am confident there we be many foreseen and unforeseen issues once that happens.  I will keep you all updated on the status of that and once I have gotten everything stable and setup the way I want it I will direct you all there.  Two, the YouTube channel will also be launching in the next 2 weeks, during this time I am creating content, configuring the channel and determining the content release schedule.

For the next couple months please bare with me as I work to get the new site and YouTube Channel off the ground.  You can also help me out by giving me feedback in the comments.

Keep checking back for more updates and content, see ya next time Travelers!!




Greetings Travelers!

Welcome back for another Monthly Update!  First things first, I know the last two weeks I haven’t uploaded any content, I apologize as I have been very sick and also did some traveling.  This week I will return to my regular upload schedule of twice a week, Tuesday and Friday.  With May coming there will be some new content coming in the form of videos as I launch our BH Interactive YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for that post coming later in the month.  I will be out of town the week prior to Memorial Day, but I will have content schedule to post that week so never fear!!

Keep coming back for more content and updates, stay frosty travelers!!




Greetings Traveler!

This will be another brief update.  So far the the site continues to under go small improvements as I work on building and polishing the site. Will be a couple more weeks to months before I get it just right.  In the meantime I will continue to publish content as regularly as I can but, it will be sporadic.  Currently I will have 1 series running, DEV-Talks, with 2 upcoming series, World-building (which will be tied into a future series about D&D), and an undecided game-play series.

Check back for new content! Keep flying traveler!!



STATUS UPDATE 3.13.2018:

Greetings Traveler!

This will be a pretty brief update.  Bottom line is that my site is still under construction, I’m working on updating it and making content, but also managing school and life.  The plan fore now is to release content sporadically until the site is up and running.  Once everything is squared away I am planning on release weekly content, but right now it is too early to speculate/plan future content.

Stay tuned for future updates and content!!